Rio azul

12 setembro 2005

As ilhas

«Navegámos para Oriente -
A longa costa
Era de um verde espesso e sonolento

Um verde imóvel sob nenhum vento
Até à branca praia cor de rosas
Tocada pelas águas transparentes

Então surgiram as ilhas luminosas
De um azul tão puro e tão violento
Que excedia o fulgor do firmamento
Navegado por garças milagrosas

E extinguiram-se em nós memória e tempo»

Sophia: As Ilhas

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  • Ilhas. This reminds me of a beautiful shop, in the center of Lisboa (in rua Garrett, or something like that), called Ilhas Verdes (or Verdas?). Many years ago (about 1965) my mother used to go there (with me) to buy fine cloths, and napkins, made in Azores. I was there, in Lisboa, few years ago. But I could not find that shop. It vanished (like many other things). -scerir

    Por Blogger scerir, às 16/09/05, 16:26  

  • «Ilha Verde» is S. Miguel (St. Michael) island in Azores.
    The shop you remember is:
    «Casa Regional da Ilha Verde»
    Rua Paiva Andrade, 4
    «This shop in the Chiado specializes in handmade items, especially embroideries from the Azores -- that's why it's called the Regional House of the Green Island. Each piece carries a made-by-hand guarantee. Some of the designs on the linen placemats with napkins have been in use for centuries.»

    Por Blogger z, às 19/09/05, 10:08  

  • Oh, I thank you so much. That is it. Ilha Verde! I was in Lisboa long time ago, from 1962 to 1971, more or less. In the Palacio de Pombeiro, the Italian embassy. Full of beutiful azulejos. From my window I could see the Castle of St. George, and the big river, down there. It was an incredible city. And I knew many important persons. Like Raul Lino, the famous architect. And Olga de Cadaval (she was Italian, her surname was de Robilant). Incredible people, for sure.
    With a lot of saudade,
    Serafino C.I.

    Por Blogger scerir, às 19/09/05, 19:29  

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